CCMS Enrolment Details Dialog

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CCMS Enrolment Details Dialog

(This process is only for a CCMS period prior to 2/7/18)

Centre / Type

  • If you have multiple services on your database you can select the Service from the dropdown to Enrol the child to for CCMS purposes
  • This allows you to select the Care type to link the child for at your Service eg LDC, ASC, VAC etc).
​NOTE: If your Service has multiple approvals and the child attends all care types, they require a CCMS Enrolment PER APPROVAL ID. For LDC services who operate BSC and ASC under their LDC approval, the child is fine to have one Enrolment. 


  • The commencement date of the enrolment for this child at this Service.
  • Preferred date is the Monday of the week they begin care for this Service/Care Type

Customer Name, DOB and CRN

  • Customer Name (Generally Account Guardian 1)
  • Customer DOB (required)
  • For a Formal Enrolment the CRN and DOB is required

Child Name, DOB and CRN

  • Child name
  • Child DOB
  • For a Formal Enrolment the CRN and DOB is required

Enrolment Types


  • The Child / Family do not have a CRN or have provided incorrect details
  • Informal Enrolments can be formalised at a later date
  • Full Fee applies to attendances linked to this enrolment type


  • The Family has supplied CRN details and will be receiving CCB as either a fee reduction or lump sum.

AMEP / Other

This enrolment has no CCB eligibility. Used for attendances that have been paid for by an external agency. Even in the event that a family applies for a CRN, attendances lodged under this enrolment will not be eligible for CCB.

Service Special CCB

(Attendance data not sent to Centrelink)
  • Service Special CCB enrolments are created if you are applying for Special CCB for a child at risk and they are not linked to a CRN holder

Claim Enrolment Advance

  • As of the 1st July 2017 the Enrolment Advance is no longer able to be claimed

Submit Now

  • Allows the selected Enrolment Information to be connected immediately to the CCMS Server to retrieve the CCMS Information

Submit Later

  • Allows the CCMS enrolment to be created but not submitted until a later time
  • Either by Using the Update now button in the CCMS enrolment details
  • Or by selecting the Enrolment option through CCMS Operations
CCMS enrolment screen information

Additional Enrolment Information

Process Cessation of Care

  • This button will appear on a NEW CCMS Enrolment and on an EXITED CCMS Enrolment.
  • If the service ends the CCMS Enrolment manually via the CCMS Enrol tab  and there are absences at the end of care the prompt to apply Cessation of Care will be applied to the attendances

Update CRN

  • As a part of CCMS requirements, CCMS Enrolments now have the ability a CRN.
  • This is due to the fact that a child is capable of being issued with 2 or more separate and valid CRN's within the FACSIA system, we are now required to have a function within the software which will allow the user to update an existing formal enrolment with a new CRN.

Manual Override

  • This option is only available if you contact the QK Customer Experience Team
  • This feature allows you to overwrite the current CCB% in the software for estimated attendances.
  • It does not change what is on the CCMS Server for this CRN holder

Ending Enrolments

  • Once a child leaves your centre (or gives notice they are leaving) you can end the enrolment.
  • If you do not end the enrolment, CCMS will automatically end the enrolment after several weeks of non-attendance.

If a Formal Enrolment is ended and has had an Enrolment Advance paid against this ID, this payment will be automatically reconciled back to CCMS.

CCMS Enrolment details screen - additional information

Various details on the CCMS/Centrelink status of the enrolment. For informational purposes only, it's generally the responsibility of the family to sort out any problems directly with Centrelink.
The information displayed in here comes from CCMS after the parent has completed their paperwork and submitted this. Within it you can see if the child should be receiving a percentage of CCB, their hours of eligibility and their CCR eligibility. PLEASE NOTE that even if a child's CCR eligibility says "PAY TO SERVICE" it does not indicate they will definitely receive CCR. This simply indicates the direction in which CCR will be paid IF eligible.

Depending upon the information seen in this box, it is likely the parent will need to contact Centrelink if they feel as though this information is incorrect. 

CCMS Status

  • The status of the enrolment according to CCMS
  • New Enrolment - not linked to CCMS
  • Active - Currently linked to CCMS for this child, service, care type
  • Exited - No longer active with CCMS


  • An identifier automatically assigned to the enrolment by CCMS for this child, service and care type

JFA Eligibility Details

JFA Eligibility Details requested

  • Allows the Service to query JFA information for this CRN holder, child, Service and care type

​JFA Type

  • Allows the Service to flag the JFA type according to the FAO/JET eligibility letter


CCMS info:

  • This field displays the current information from CCMS for this CRN holder and child

CCMS enrolment Details - Status

IS Case Details

This will display the IS case for your centre.

CCMS Enrolment details - ISS case details







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