Batch Reporting User Guide

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******Family Day Care and In Home Care modules are no longer supported******

Batch Reporting User Guide


The Report Scheduling feature allows you to set up reports to run automatically according to a schedule. These reports will then be emailed to your nominated email address(es).


Only reports from the Reports Screen can be scheduled.
Reports from the Reports Screen that cannot be scheduled yet:
  • Custom reports (clients are able to request on a case by case basis for their Custom reports to be upgraded to accommodate the Batch Reporting Tool. Charges will apply for this work).
  • Custom datasheets that require users to enter in a parameter (queries that contain AskLongParam(), AskStringParam() or AskMoneyParam()). All other custom queries may be scheduled.
  • Statement of Child Care Usage reports
  • Balance Sheet
  • Carer Pay Details

Accessing Batch Reporting Setup

To access the Batch Reporting tool, click on the Reports icon within QikKids and the click on the Manage button at the bottom left of the screen to bring up the Report Schedule tool.
This screen shows you a list of all the report schedules that have been set up, along with details such as the schedule they run on, the next scheduled run time and the status.

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Any changes to report schedule times will be picked up within 24 hours. This means that if a report is scheduled to run within 24 hours of when it was added / changed, it may run at a later time than expected.



Opens the Add Report Schedule screen for adding a new report schedule. See Edit Batch Report Schedule for more information.


Opens the Edit Report Schedule screen for editing the currently selected report schedule. See Edit Batch Report Schedule for more information.


Deletes the currently selected report schedule(s).

Note: that clicking the delete button simply hides the selected report schedule(s) from the report scheduling screen. All data associated with the report schedule is kept in the database.

Run Now
Allows you to run the report outside of the scheduled time.

Run At Time
This will run the report at an additional scheduled time to the existing schedule.

Show Hidden
Shows any report schedules that have been deleted..


Restores the currently selected report schedule(s).


Refreshes the information on the screen to reflect the current information in the database.


Closes the Report Scheduling screen.

User Permissions

User permission requirements can be found on the Batch Reporting User Permissions page.



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