Creating Rolls

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Within your Centre Details, the Blue box on the right holds all your roll information.

To create a Roll Click NEW.
FiIl out the mandatory fields as needed:
  • Roll Name
  • Days Open
  • Open and Close Times
  • Places in the Room
  • Staff Ratio 1/
  • Min Age
  • Max Age
  • Care Type > Subsidy (link to the approval ID of the care type)
  • Apply As 
  • Statement Account
  • Default Booking Fee
  • Default Casual Fee
  • Additional Fees to Apply to this Roll
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Please Note: If your service is a LDC approved service that provides BSC and ASC, the "Apply As" will be relevant to this care type.

Other fields that may be necessary to the roll configuration are as follows:
  • Provides Preschool activities: 
    • This is used when the nominated roll is eligible for Preschool funding. The service flags this roll here to indicate which roll, how many hours and how many children are applicable to their Preschool Program.
  • Kiosk Sign In/Out:
    • This is relevant to services that Use the Kiosk program to determine who they want to child signed in by and out by (used in examples of BSC and ASC whereby Staff may be responsible for signing the child in or out).
  • School Age:
    • Used if the children on this roll will be school age.
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Optional Fields when creating Rolls are as follows:
  • Sign In/Out Sheet Style
    • This is the default display of the sign in and out sheets, each display style can be viewed through the roll screen directly, then assigned here as the default if needed.
  • Last Arrival/ First Departure
    • This is used to assist with ensuring staff to child ratios are being met when services are using the rostering component in Qikkids.
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The following is important to know regarding your Roll management.
  • Rolls that no longer need to be used CAN be deleted, if this is done accidentally, rolls can be brought back through "Restore" and no information will be lost.
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There can also be changes made within the service that can result in NEW rolls needing to be created, please see:  




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