Accessing QikKids next

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Accessing QikKids next

Update QikKids password

The password currently used to access QikKids must meet the following minimum security requirements in order to log in to QikKids next:

The password must:
  • be at least 8 characters
  • have 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter
  • have a number
  • have 1 special character

Linking your User Account

Your QikKids user account must be linked to a staff member in order to complete certain actions within QikKids next (eg: marking rolls) You can link accounts via the Employee dropdown box in the User Details screen in QikKids
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Please see this article to assist with creating a Staff record if there is none to link - Staff Screen

Navigate to the URL

To access QikKids next please open a browser and enter the QikKids next URL that has been provided.

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